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The draw for the Manchester United

Le 25 December 2017, 08:46 dans Humeurs 0

The draw for the Manchester United team's blow is not small, they gap with Manchester City in the championship was further opened. However, with Lukaku getting better, the offensive integrity of the team is getting better and better. Perhaps next time, they will have better luck, no longer missed the victory. Conti allowed Christianson, another center-back, during Louis's absence, but the Danish performance was not perfect either. Christensen was steals on the sidewalk at Chelsea against Everton Be the other player out of tune Huanglong Rick Nash Jersey, thanks to the other side shooter is not fine, otherwise, Christensen will become a sinners Martin St. Louis Jersey. In the transfer market, Louis worry about home, many giants associated with him Jeff Beukeboom Jersey, including Barcelona, Bayern, Juventus Mike Gartner Jersey, and even Arsenal plan to introduce him. Considering the Russian Cup next summer, Louis may choose to leave Stamford Bridge in January.

Van Dijk became Liverpool and

Le 25 December 2017, 08:46 dans Humeurs 0

Van Dijk became Liverpool and Manchester City signings this summer Wayne Gretzky Jersey, although the two Premier League giants are not bad money, but Southampton also has its own ambitions Eddie Giacomin Jersey, they do not want to lose the main defender. However, due to the transfer, Van Dyke's performance in the Premiership this season is not ideal, due to poor state, in the game against Chelsea last week, saint coach Pellegrino did not put it into the competition list, and This round against Huddersfield, Van Dijk still did not play. It is reported that last weekend Bundesliga last-half closing game, Hannover 96 home draw 4-4 draws Leverkusen match, Leon - Bailey substitute debut scored twice to help the team reverse the score Kevin Hayes Jersey. At the time, the scouts from Arsene Wenger were on stage at the HDI Arena, the first time Arsenal sent scouts to watch the Leverkusen winger and Leon Bailey left a deep impression on them. In fact, I do not really care about the results of the national Derby, but if you have to choose, I would like to Barcelona to win because now the city has their shadow of the year, the face of the reporter's question, Manchester City fans smiled and answered. Indeed, in the past Of the 17 round of La Liga competition, Barcelona, ??14 wins and 3 draws in the first place; and after 19 Premier League over Manchester City 18 wins and 1 level Jesper Fast Jersey, firmly occupy the first place. Even the two clubs in the official social media release That a series of "WWWWW ..." are like the prior consultation as well. "A bit looking forward to Manchester City and Barcelona's contest, I hope it is in the Champions League final.

Commenting on Van Dijk's future

Le 25 December 2017, 08:46 dans Humeurs 0

Commenting on Van Dijk's future, Southampton coach Pellegrino said: "This is for a reason (deprecating Van Dijk), I'm responsible for selecting 11 players and I'll find the best player. Dick has a lot of rumors Brian Leetch Jersey, but we need to wait and see .. The future of Van Dijk? I do not know, we need to wait and see, but I repeat though there is a lot of speculation about him, but we have to wait and see. Arsene Wenger's men did not immediately return to England, Germany Cup on Wednesday they fought in Prussia Park, this is Leon - Bailey into the kill ball to help Leverkusen knocked out Mendes, reached the German Cup 8 Strong. In the "kicker" rating system, Leon - Bailey half-time score reached 2.17, is undoubtedly the best Bunro for the half-way rookie. Manchester City fans here hopeful of looking forward to the future, while the other side of the bottom rankings of Bournemouth Manchester United twice in 11 days Antti Raanta Jersey, can not help but feel sad. 4-0 score and 20% possession rate also made the visiting team fans have no temper, "This is not a disappointing result, but unexpected." The Manchester City fans also seem to have gradually used their opponents clinging to Defensive play Kevin Klein Jersey, "Even if you are 11 individuals stay in the restricted area Jeff Beukeboom Jersey, we still scored 4 goals.

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